How to Care for a Dalmatian?

Answer DalmatianDalmatians are dogs that are from Dalmatia (a province of Croatia). They are famous for being associated with firemen, the Dodie Smith novels, and the Disney movies. They also make awesome... Read More »

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How to Breed a Dalmatian?

There are not many breeds out there as strikingly eye-appealing as the Dalmatian. Indeed, due to this breed's attractive appearance, it became a favorite among 19th-century aristocrats who believed... Read More »

How many puppies can a Dalmatian have at one time?

Dalmatians have large litters, and it is not unusual for one litter to contain between 10 and 15 puppies. Dalmatian puppies are born pure white and without spots, but develop them soon after.Refere... Read More »

When Do Dalmatian Puppies Get Their Spots?

Dalmatians are one of the oldest breeds of dog and are thought to have originated from an area along the Adriatic Sea called Dalmatia. Their round spots of either deep brown or jet black are unique... Read More »

What is the normal weight for a female dalmatian?

A normal or average weight for a female dalmatian is between 45 and 70 lbs. They range in height from 19 to 24 inches. According to the Dalmatian Club of America, if you are considering breeding da... Read More »