How to Care for a Curly Wig?

Answer There are as many reasons to wear wigs as there are different styles and colors of wigs available. Some women find that wigs help to save them time and protect their own hair; many other women have... Read More »

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How to Care for Your Curly Hair?

Do you envy those girls that hop out of the shower with stick straight hair? Wish you were around in the 1980's because having fuzzy hair was the trend? Sick of sitting there for hours and hours bu... Read More »

How to Care for Dry Curly Hair?

This is a method of caring for your medium thick, dry, very curly hair. You can use an inexpensive regiment using only conditioner, serum, and cool water.

How to Take Care of Long Curly Hair?

Those who have curly hair understand taking care of their locks is quite different than what's required for straight hair. Curly hair can range from big curls to small tight curls; therefore, under... Read More »

How to Care for a Child's Curly Hair?

Your curly haired child may look like a cherub but those tangles are anything but angelic. Guess what? You can prevent tangles. Curly hair is beautiful and when properly cared for, very easy to mai... Read More »