How to Care for a Beagle Puppy?

Answer Beagles are a fun-loving, loyal breed that enjoy nothing more than being with their owners. Beagles are smaller hounds that have a long, slightly rounded skull. Beagles possess a medium-length coat... Read More »

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How to Take Care of a Beagle Puppy?

Just got a beagle puppy but don't know how to take care of it? Well then, follow these steps and tips from this article and you'll have a healthy, wonderful puppy!

Basic Care for a Beagle Puppy?

Originally bred in England for hunting, beagles are among the most popular breeds in the United States today. Beagles have a strong sense of smell, which also makes them a common choice for police ... Read More »

How to care for a beagle with Chinese Beagle Syndrome?

Musladin-Lueke Syndrome, commonly referred to as Chinese Beagle Syndrome, is a genetic disorder found in an increasing number of beagles. Symptoms include slanted eyes, stiff legs, shortened toes, ... Read More »

How to Stop a Beagle Puppy From Teething?

A teething beagle puppy is frustrating to your household because of the many things that the puppy will chew on, from shoes to furniture to flooring. (See References 1) Puppies can't help teething,... Read More »