How to Care for Zippers?

Answer The first mechanized closure was created by an engineer and introduced at the 1983 World's Fair in Chicago. Though the closure was a complete failure and did not resemble the modern zipper, it did ... Read More »

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What Are Zippers Good For?

Zippers come in many sizes and colors. Zippers are commonly used in clothing and provide a tailored look. Many of us use zippers on a daily basis for pants, shirts, dresses and jackets. Depending o... Read More »

How to Fix Loose Zippers?

The zipper is a simple device that can cause problems if it doesn't work properly. In fact, a zipper that will not stay up can ruin a pair of clothes or cause problems with your luggage while you'r... Read More »

How to Fix the Zippers on Dresses?

Dresses are designed to show off the elegant shape of a woman's body. Many fashionable styles of dress have long zippers down the back or along the side of the garment to secure the dress to the bo... Read More »

How to Fix Purse Zippers?

Purses are useful accessories that help you carry various necessary items, such as a wallet containing your identification. Most purses have zippers that protect the items inside the purse, but if ... Read More »