How to Care for Your Xbox 360?

Answer You now have an Xbox 360, but you don't want it to be smashed, scratched or mistreated. You may worry about it being scratched, but now you can protect your pride and joy.

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How do you hook up your Xbox 360 to a directv box hooked up to your tv to play the Xbox like that when the TV has no av jacks?

How do you use your Xbox 360 head phones to your Xbox 360?

There is a plug in the bottom of the 360 controller. Plug the headphones into there.

How to Take Care of Xbox 360 Games?

Not taking care of your Xbox 360 games can lead to making the game not playable and a waste of money. Here's a guide to help preventing that.

Should I return your xbox 360 that came with halo 3 odst and forza 3 and cost 400 and buy an iphone 4 or should I keep my xbox 360?

I would say keep the Xbox 360. Iphones cost less than a Xbox 360 and you can just save up and buy the Iphone instead of having to sell your Xbox.