How to Care for Your Box Turtle?

Answer Box turtles are small land-based turtles that can close up their shell completely. They're fascinating, independent little creatures and they are not recommended as pets except to adults or very re... Read More »

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How to Properly Take Care of Your Aquatic Turtle?

Painted turtles, mud turtles and snapper turtles, referred to as aquatic turtles, all prefer to live in the water and require more care than land turtles. If an aquatic turtle is not cared for prop... Read More »

How to Care for a Pet Turtle?

So your little one dragged home a turtle and you have no idea how to take care of it. Relax, turtles are pretty easy pets to care for and, with a short list of supplies, you can be sure your new pe... Read More »

How to Care for a Map Turtle?

The 13 species of map turtles originate from rivers found in parts of Canada and the United States. Map turtles make good pets for reptile enthusiasts, and most do well in the proper living conditi... Read More »

How to Care for a Chinese Box Turtle?

Found in ponds and streams throughout southern China and Taiwan, the Chinese box turtle (Cuora flavomarginata), grows to be about 5 to 12 inches long and can live up to 40 years, according to Petc... Read More »