How to Care for Various Gourami?

Answer The fantastic fish, the gourami, all of which have a labyrinth organ which allows them to breath air. Read on for more information on how to care for this fish.

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How to Keep My Gourami From Getting Sucked Against the Filter?

Filtration is essential to the health of an aquarium. A huge selection of filters is available to the hobbyist. Some models hang on the back of an aquarium while canister filters stand on the floor... Read More »

How long do kissing gourami fish live&how big do they get?

Kissing gourami fish, scientifically referred to as Helostoma temmincki, have a lifespan of approximately 5 to 7 years and can grow to a length of up to 12 inches. Although they are relatively eas... Read More »

Can you keep kissing gourami fish without a filter system?

On One Hand: Filtration is Highly BeneficialFiltration systems mimic the natural purification process that freshwater fish experience in rivers, lakes and streams. These systems maximize a fish's c... Read More »

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