How to Care for Tropical Fish?

Answer Have you ever seen those fish that people say need a heater? Of course they need a heater. You may have heard it a thousand times. And you knew these were tropical fish. Some aquarists say they're ... Read More »

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How to Properly Clean a Fish Bowl for Small Tropical Fish?

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Why do tropical fish lie on the bottom of the fish tank?

Tropical fish stay at the bottom of the tank for long periods of time either because they are ill or because they're asleep.SleepAlthough they do not have eyelids, fish sleep like any other creatur... Read More »

Saltwater Tropical Fish?

There many different species of saltwater tropical fish for sale in the United States. Owners should do research before deciding to buy tropical fish, however, because of each species has specific ... Read More »

How to Feed Tropical Fish?

Tropical fish in a suitable habitat in a fish tank.When you become an owner of tropical fish, you will want to know what their diet consists of and what it doesn't. Each fish has a different diet, ... Read More »