How to Care for Sensitive Teeth?

Answer Having sensitive teeth is like a smoke, it just keeps taking a drag.

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Why are my teeth so sensitive?

It is not unusual to have sensitive teeth. Buy Sensodyne Toothpaste and use it every time you brush. It will make your teeth much less sensitive. The dentist should have told you about it. You can ... Read More »

Oww! sensitive teeth?

Hi,Your teeth could actually be sensitive if you are using a brushing technique that is no making the gum that goes up to the teeth thin or worn away.The root of your tooth is meant to be under the... Read More »

Sensitive teeth after braces?

Don't worry, it is normal pain. You need to eat a soft meal. Try to eat liquid food. If it is very painful then you should contact to the dentist.

Are chipped teeth more sensitive?

A tooth is made of three layers: the outer enamel, the denton and, in the center, the nerve-filled pulp. If chipping the enamel exposes the denton, your tooth may become sensitive to cold. If the c... Read More »