How to Care for Pet Lemmings?

Answer Steppe LemmingsLemmings and to be more precise, Steppe lemmings make really great pets. Not only will they keep you amused for hours as you watch them run around in their cages but you can tame the... Read More »

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How to Win at Lemmings?

This is an article about how to tame the things. It's simple, but effective. This guide is for original Lemmings and "Oh no... More Lemmings."

Where do lemmings in the tundra get food?

Lemmings feast during the summer on young grass, shrubs and berries. They also will eat insects. During the winter, lemmings, who do not hibernate, will eat moss and seeds stored in their burrows. ... Read More »

Do any of the Lemmings in here actually listen to NON-Digital music ever?

yes, vinyl is generally warmer and more organic sounding than cd wav files, and certainly more so than digital files. however, 2000 albums, a turntable, and amplifier are not very portable and take... Read More »

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