How to Care for Peace Lilies?

Answer Peace lilies, also known as closet plants, are one of the most popular varieties of houseplants. They are relatively easy to maintain, and their pure white blossoms are beautiful to look at. Learni... Read More »

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How do i take care of peace lilies?

LightPlace your peace lily within 5 to 8 feet of a window for the best light. While they can't live in the dark, too much sun will yellow their leaves.WaterWater thoroughly, providing enough water ... Read More »

How to Care for Growing Peace Lilies?

The common houseplant known as the peace lily is not a lily at all. Lilies belong to the genus lilium, while the peace lily belongs to the genus spathiphyllum. Spathiphyllums do not have the same c... Read More »

Where Are Peace Lilies From?

Peace lilies, also known as spathiphyllum or spaths, are actually not lilies at all. They are members of the Araceae or Arum family, which includes plants like diffenbachia, philodendrons and anthu... Read More »

How to Transplant Peace Lilies?

Peace lilies need to be transplanted to enrich the soil of the plant. Peace lilies prefer crowded conditions, but sometimes they can outgrow their containers and the roots will begin to grow in a c... Read More »