How to Care for Papillons?

Answer Papillons are wonderful little dogs who love attention, exercise, and playing. New papillon owners don't always know all the information needed to care for their dog. This article gives tips on how... Read More »

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Papillons & Eye Problems?

The papillon, with butterfly-shaped ears and dark, round eyes, usually enjoys good health and a lifespan into its teens. Future owners should check with a reputable breeder about inherited eye prob... Read More »

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What is the definition of""quality of care""in a long-term care nursing home?

Quality care equates to a quality life in long-term nursing home facilities. Health care services must provide a skilled staff and compassionate care to provide residents the highest quality of lif... Read More »

Michigan's Laws on Skin Care in a Long-Term Care Facility?

Pressure area care is a very important aspects of long-term elderly care. Nursing home residents are usually elderly and may also have a range of factors that predispose them to develop pressure so... Read More »