How to Care for Mums?

Answer Mums, or chrysanthemums, are traditionally recognized by their colorful domes of vibrant yellow, burgundy, plum, white, pink or lavender blossoms that bloom profusely in the fall. Mums not only ran... Read More »

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New mums....?

1. When you go into labor, don't call anyone (ie - family) right away. Wait until you go to the hospital, get admitted, and are at least half way through labor. You really don't need your mother... Read More »

One for the mums?

Oh, brilliant!So true, so true!When you get to number five, like me a hardened veteran, you balance the baby over your arm, while putting on the kettle and talking into the phone at the same time..... Read More »

Wow - what is with this war between breastfeeding mums and non breastfeeding mums?

i dont wanna breast feed when my babys born for my own reasonsim fed up of people preaching to me to breast feed, i think its stupid, i wouldnt say anything to anyone for either breast feeding or n... Read More »

Australian "Mums" :)?

I don't think a singlet is a onesie cos a singlet is just a little top worn under the onesie if that makes sense.Panadol = Tylenol Will add more if I think of them :)* LOL @ pushcart :)))Pram = Str... Read More »