How to Care for Minor Abrasions and Scratches?

Answer Minor abrasions and scratches can occur when you brush up against a rough surface or handle sharp objects. Although an abrasion covers more surface area of the skin, neither a scratch nor an abrasi... Read More »

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How to Check out Cuts, Scratches and Abrasions?

The glass slips from your hands and breaks when it hits the floor. You take off to find your mom and you step on a sliver of glass. Ouch! Now, you're bleeding, too. Understanding and taking care of... Read More »

How to Make a Quick Disinfectant for Minor Cuts and Abrasions?

Minor accidents, abrasions and bruises will occur at the most inconvenient of times. It may be useful to know how you can help prevent infection if you don't have a medical disinfectant like rubbin... Read More »

How to Buff Out Minor Scratches?

Minor scratches on your vehicle can be frustrating. They can bring the value down and take away from the appearance of your vehicle. However, there are ways to buff out the small scratches with ite... Read More »

How to Repair Minor Car Scratches?

Occasionally, vehicles get scratches from contact with other objects or cars, and the pristine finish is marred. It is possible to repair a minor scratch from a vehicle's finish without further dam... Read More »