How to Care for Cuts Inside the Mouth Close to the Teeth?

Answer Biting your tongue, literally, really hurts, as do most cuts inside the mouth or along the gum line. Fortunately, most of these cuts are minor and heal quickly due to the network of blood vessels i... Read More »

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Braces leaving cuts and marks on the inside of my mouth?

If they gave you the wax use it, honestly it does help, just rub it over the whole brace and it will help your mouth to not get stuck to them!

Can you get hiv if a girl with cold sores and cuts inside her mouth sucks your balls hard?

Lol this sounds like a funny question lmao.. But no, you can't

What does it mean if there is a small hole in the gums inside the mouth after the last tooth but before the wisdom teeth?

I have the same problem. I never got my wisdom teeth taken out. I am 23 years old now, and a few days ago i found a small hole, about the size of a pencil lead right behind my last moler, in betwee... Read More »

How to heal cuts in mouth?

It should heal shortly. Just try some ice for the pain. If it does not stop bleeding in 2 hours go to the hospital or if a lot of blood is lost.