How to Care for Baby Quails?

Answer Although not always necessary, baby birds fall out of their nests and need human interaction to survive. Quail, however, nest on the ground so before assuming the bird needs help, leave the quail w... Read More »

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How to Take Care of Baby Quails?

Often raised for fun or meat, quail require very little care or space to rear successfully. Prolific breeders, the eggs are often gathered and hatched in an incubator to increase production. Young ... Read More »

How to Breed Chinese Quails?

Known as the smallest species of quail, Chinese painted quails are often described as delicate, cute and very social. These birds are low maintenance and house well with birds in aviaries as well a... Read More »

Facts on Quails for Kids?

The quail is an animal native to North America. Once plentiful, the animal has been hunted and is now low in numbers in its native woodland areas. Since the animal is a ground dweller and easy to c... Read More »

Do king quails need nesting boxes?

A nesting box is not required for the king quail. In aviaries, a king quail's nesting area will typically consist of a depression on the ground, lined with grass or other strawlike materials. Becau... Read More »