How to Care for Baby Kittens?

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How to Take Care of Kittens?

Adorable kittensIf you were unable to spay your cat in time and she had kittens, make sure they are in a safe place and away from foot traffic areas in the house. Protect the kittens as they are fr... Read More »

How to Take Care of Outside Kittens?

Caring for kittens outside, whether because they can't be moved, or you're unable to keep them indoors for whatever reason, is possible provided that you take the time to care for them and to get t... Read More »

How to Care for Kittens from Birth?

FINALLY! The day comes your momma cat (often called Queen) gives birth to her kittens! Here are some steps to guide you through the raising of him/her. I have gone through many births and litters w... Read More »

How to Take Care of New-Born Kittens?

Newborn kittens can be cute and fun, but if you are caring for them it isn't a game. During the first part of their lives, kittens need to learn how to eat, keep themselves warm, go to the bathroom... Read More »