How to Care for 9 Week Old Pit Bull Puppies?

Answer Got some cute little pit bull puppies about 9 weeks old? Come learn how to care for them correctly so they don't die!

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How to Take Care of Baby Pit Bull Puppies?

Pit bulls as a breed are often misunderstood and viewed as vicious dogs. While most pit bull owners will disagree, they can also tell you that there are some challenges to raising pit bulls. Proper... Read More »

How many puppies are in a pit bull litter?

The average size of a pit bull litter is five to 12 puppies. Litter size is affected by sperm quality, breeding frequency and nutrition. Age also affects breeding, with very young and old females b... Read More »

How to House Train Bull Dog Puppies?

Bringing a bulldog puppy home is a special and exciting time for the whole family. Bulldogs are medium-sized dogs well known for their short noses, wrinkled skin and massive heads. They come in man... Read More »

How to Train Pit Bull Puppies to Be Guard Dogs?

American pit bull terriers are a friendly, playful and exceptionally loyal breed. It is this undying loyalty that naturally motivates a pit bull to protect his owner. Becoming an actual guard dog, ... Read More »