How to Care Properly for a Puppy?

Answer Do you know how important a puppy's nutrition is? It is crucial to give a puppy for that matter,the right balanced diet for a healthy and long life.

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How to Properly Crate Train a Puppy?

Behaviors learned as a puppy will be carried into adulthood, whether good or bad. Teaching a puppy what behaviors are expected at an early age, including being in a crate, establishes a pattern tha... Read More »

How to Properly Care for a Dog?

Caring for a dog is a very important deed to do. You have to feed your dog, walk your dog everyday, play with your dog, give it a nice place to sleep and more! Dogs are very important to humans, an... Read More »

Pregnant Dog & Puppy Care?

Caring for a pregnant dog and her puppies is just as important as taking proper care of a pregnant woman. By caring for her health before, during and after birth, you can minimize complications wit... Read More »

How to Care for a Yellow Lab Puppy?

Their loving disposition, loyalty and patience with children make yellow Labrador Retrievers a popular choice with families searching for a dog. Labs are also eager to please and highly trainable, ... Read More »