How to Care For a Mother Hamster and Her Babies?

Answer Hamsters are very easy to breed. Hamster pregnancy will last for 16 days. Mostly, a mother hamster will have 4 to 8 babies at a time. But first, you need to know much about breeding hamsters. Or el... Read More »

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When can dwarf hamster babies leave their mother?

Baby dwarf hamsters are usually weaned and ready to leave their mother by four weeks of age, according to The Ultimate Guide to Dwarf Hamsters. You should separate the babies by gender into separat... Read More »

How to Care for Hamster Babies?

Do you have a baby hamster, but don't know how to look after it? Read on to learn how to care for your baby hamsters.

How Can I Tell When My Hamster Is Done Having Babies?

Like mice, hamsters can breed very quickly in the home and it often requires little effort or planning on the owner's part. If you are a new hamster owner, you may be surprised to find baby hamster... Read More »

How soon can you pick up dwarf hamster babies?

Dwarf hamster babies should not be touched or picked up until at least two weeks after their birth. Touching them prior to this time could alter the scent of the young hamsters and cause the mother... Read More »