How to Care About Sports?

Answer Ever seen your friends talking about Monday Night Football? Ever had someone ask you about last night's baseball game, but you had no idea what they were talking about? Now you can learn how to car... Read More »

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What is the best home theatre system ever i dont care about the price i do care about the POWER!?

Why in general do brothers change after marriage and don't care about their families while sisters always care about their siblings and families even after getting married and having kids?

there are thousands of different species of human among us, the most common being the humpbacked lizard. to make spider stew you take one wooden spoon, one tomatoe, nine spidrs, and a rock. blend a... Read More »

Are there standardized 3 - 4 letter abbreviations for college sports team names and professional sports city names-like what ESPN would use in their sports tickers?

What is a sports scholarship about?

I don't know the answer (I'm from the UK) but you might get some answers if you ask it in the Education & Reference > Higher Education (university +) section