How to Carbonate a Beverage?

Answer There are many drinks that can be virtually reinvented with the addition of a little "bubbly". The easiest way is to simply mix club soda with the beverage, but that can dilute the flavor. Here are... Read More »

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What is MagneBind 300 (Calcium Carbonate Magnesium Carbonate)?

Information not available. Generic: Calcium Carbonate Magnesium Carbonate

Is sodium a carbonate or a hydrogen carbonate?

Sodium, in its ionized (charged) form of Na⁺, can combine with a negatively charged ion. Sodium ion assumes a charge of +1, whereas carbonate ion (CO₃²⁻) assumes a charge of -2. If sodium co... Read More »

Can someone please tell me if the beverage RED BULL is an alcoholic beverage or not?

The Red Bull in the little cans is non-alcoholic.Long before the little cans there was and still is Schlitz Red Bull in considerably larger 40 oz. bottles. This type of Red Bull has alcohol.

Uses of Zinc Carbonate?

Zinc carbonate (ZnCO3), normally referred to as smithsonite, is an ore that contains the metal zinc. It was named after the English scientist James Smithson (who dedicated his fortune to create the... Read More »