How to Capture the eBay Segment of the Online Consumer Market?

Answer If you operate a business, own a business, provide a service or distribute a product and want to expand your customer base, it is a good idea to look into cultivating a reputation on eBay. EBay ser... Read More »

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How do airlines segment consumer markets?

Most flights are filled by passengers traveling for a variety of reasons. But each consumer was "segmented" or categorized by the airline, and each is likely paying a fare based on different factor... Read More »

How to Segment a Market?

The best way to go out of business is to attempt to be all things to all people. Not everyone can or will be your customer, but on a planet of more than 6 billion people, there should still be enou... Read More »

Target Market Segment Strategy?

A target market strategy is the recommended program of action a marketer develops to reach and affect a desired behavioral or attitudinal change in the group defined as the target consumer market. ... Read More »

Define Target Market Segment?

When making decisions as to how to market a product a service, businesses often uses target market segmentation to determine its marketing direction. Market segmentation is the process of dividing ... Read More »