How to Capture Leads From Craigslist?

Answer Craigslist is a popular website for placing online classified ads. You can capture leads from Craigslist by offering visitors a free report, or other information product, that contains information ... Read More »

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How to Capture Leads on Slideshare?

SlideShare allows viewers to contact you about your product or service from your presentation in any of the following ways:When the viewer tries to download the original powerpoint/pdf file, they w... Read More »

Replay Video Capture Universal Audio Driver Setting to capture webcam?

Hi - I contacted the developer of the program and asked him your question. Here is what he wrote:"The Universal Audio Driver (UAD) is designed to work with computers that have no audio recording c... Read More »

Where are EKG leads placed?

A standard 12-lead EKG uses six leads on the chest area, with five of them located on the left side around the heart. The other six electrodes are placed on the arms and legs to aid in conduction a... Read More »

How to Attract MLM Leads?

A number of companies like nutritional businesses use MLM, or multi-level marketing, to attract customers. MLM customers or workers are typically self-employed and must recruit their own downline m... Read More »