How to Capture Audio on a Sound Card?

Answer Most audio recording with computer sound cards is done through the use of a microphone connected to a jack on the sound card. However, the sound card also can capture the audio output of the compu... Read More »

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Replay Video Capture Universal Audio Driver Setting to capture webcam?

Hi - I contacted the developer of the program and asked him your question. Here is what he wrote:"The Universal Audio Driver (UAD) is designed to work with computers that have no audio recording c... Read More »

How to Copy Audio From a Sound Card?

If you need to record audio coming from your computer's sound card, you can do so with the program Sound Recorder, as well as with a microphone hooked up to your computer. Many modern webcams also ... Read More »

How do I add a sound card to a PC with integrated audio?

Locate PCI SlotShut down the computer and unplug the computer power cable from the wall. Unscrew the side panel to the computer and remove it. Next, locate a free PCI slot connected to the motherbo... Read More »

Can a sound card be the answer to broken audio?

Damage to the computer's sound card, outdated drivers, or even the card being jostled loose from the expansion slot inside the computer can lead to countless audio problems. These problems can be e... Read More »