How to Capitalize in T9 Word Text Mode?

Answer T9 texting mode, also known on some cell phone models as 'predictive' mode or 'dictionary', is a feature that allows you to text quickly and easily on cell phones with numeric keypads. When the T9 ... Read More »

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How do I MS Word to automatically capitalize the first word of each line?

From at least version 2000 up of MS-Word, every time that you start a new line, the first character of that first word will automatically be capitalized by the application. One just needs to make ... Read More »

Should you capitalize every word in a song title?

Always capitalize the first and last words of a song title; most other words will also require capitalization, with a few exceptions. Articles, conjunctions and prepositions with four letters or le... Read More »

How to translate picture with foreign text in Word into editable/ translatable text?

Please try Japanese OCR., clip the image so that only a single sentence you'd like to translate is included without border, background-image, nor any noises, sa... Read More »

How to Boot Into a Text Mode With a Live CD?

If you have a problem with your computer, hardware or, alternatively, want to test a new feature, such as an operating system, you can use a live CD. Live CDs are discs from which you can boot up y... Read More »