How to Capitalize a wikiHow Article Title?

Answer Writing a new article on wikiHow and not quite sure how to capitalize the title? It can be a little confusing. Just read on to learn how to do it correctly!

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How to Change the Title of a wikiHow Article?

You must be a wikiHow Admin to complete the first method, or a New Article Booster to complete the second method. If you are not an admin or New Article Booster, please see Request a Title Change f... Read More »

How to Request a Title Change for a wikiHow Article?

The title of a wikiHow article is important to link articles together. A title should include the most concise, most commonly searched words to describe the content of an article. It should reflect... Read More »

Should you capitalize every word in a song title?

Always capitalize the first and last words of a song title; most other words will also require capitalization, with a few exceptions. Articles, conjunctions and prepositions with four letters or le... Read More »

How to Not Process a wikiHow Article in New Article Boost?

At times, you may wish to do some of the work on an article and then keep it in NAB for a future editor. Here are a few steps to potentially improve an article for future NAB processing: