How to Capitalize Letters on a Motorola CLIQ?

Answer Knowing how to quickly switch in and out of capitalization modes when typing on your Motorola CLIQ could greatly improve your text entry speed. Because the device offers a few different ways to acc... Read More »

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Is there a front camera on the Motorola cliq?

I'm trying to figure that out too.....NO LUCK

How to Upload Wallpapers on a Motorola CLIQ?

The Motorola Cliq is a T-Mobile smartphone running the Google Android operating system. Android doesn't need a carrier store or downloads to add phone backgrounds - you can use any picture file on ... Read More »

How to Delete Your History on the Motorola CLIQ?

While the Motorola CLIQ is a powerful Android device, it is just as prone to eventual malfunction as any other piece of electronics. When issues with freezing, crashing and process slow down occur,... Read More »

How to Enlarge the Font on a Motorola Cliq?

The Motorola Cliq allows you to set the font sizes for your email messages and the phone's browser. The settings are independent from one another, so you can have a smaller or larger text size depe... Read More »