How to Cancel a Second Mortgage?

Answer Many people who take out second mortgages are unaware that they are filed as a second lien against their property, and create a second payment. Most second mortgages are adjustable-rate loans, whic... Read More »

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Can I cancel a mortgage?

You cannot cancel a mortgage that is used to purchase a property. However, according to, a federal law called "the right of recession" allows you to cancel a second mortgage or home-eq... Read More »

Are we liable to pay for the mortgage plan if we cancel a chapter 13?

On One Hand: No, You Aren'tIn Chapter 13, the court sets you up on a payment plan that pays debts, usually within five years. You can't technically cancel a Chapter 13, but you can voluntarily dism... Read More »

Who Do You Talk With to Get an Interest-Only Mortgage Changed to a Fixed Rate Mortgage?

Interest-only mortgages are considered to be one of the riskiest types of home loans on the market. If you have an interest-only loan, you can take the necessary steps to convert it into a fixed ra... Read More »

Can i qualify for a mortgage before i sell my home&satisfy the existing mortgage?

On One Hand: The Hard WayIf your credit history and financial situation are good enough, you can qualify for a mortgage on a second property. This will work just as if you were buying a second home... Read More »