How to Can Pork in Half-Pint Jars?

Answer Canned food has been commonplace on most supermarket shelves for years, but it can be a bit more difficult if you're planning to can your own food at home. Factors ranging from food type to jar siz... Read More »

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How many quarts are in a half pint?

One quart is equivalent to two pints, so half a quart is one pint. A half of a pint would therefore be equal to one quarter of a quart. This can also be written as 1/4 of a quart or .25 of a quart.... Read More »

How much can u sell a half pint can of ruppert knickerbocker beer for?

Its all about the condition it is in and if its a cone top its more $$.……

Do you think it's acceptable for wine to be served in a half-pint beer glass?

I wouldn't like it, it would spoil the aroma and pleasure for me. They might as well have served it in washed out empty tin cans. I agree,with you to complain, you paid for something and didn't g... Read More »

How long does it take to cook a two and a half pound pork roast?

Cook time for a 2 1/2-lb pork roast can vary with temperature, recipe and type of stove you are using. Typically, the roast should be cooked at 325 degrees F for two hours.The roast is done when it... Read More »