How to Camp with Toddlers?

Answer Taking your toddler on a camping trip can be a fun and exciting experience for both you and your child, especially if you camp at a location that is rich in wildlife and entertainment. When camping... Read More »

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My 15 year old daughter came home from summer camp and I saw in her diary that she had sex with a boy at camp 5 times and now I think she's pregnant what should I do please I need an answer?

Answer: that's something youd wanna ask a professional, like a sex ed counsler or something. i don't have the answer sorry i hope it works out for the best Answer: I believe you should talk to her... Read More »

What do you do first with understanding infants toddlers and twos with special needs?

Treat them like any other kid. But, you do need to be a little more cautious with what you say and do. But, it also depends on how special. * From a certified Babysitter. *

Art Projects to Do With Toddlers?

Keeping a toddler entertained is a daily challenge for parents. Sometimes it seems that you spend more time organizing activities than your child spends actually enjoying them. Art projects can s... Read More »

Overwhelmed with 3 toddlers under 2 y.o.?

My heart aches for you and your children. I can't imagine dealing with what you are dealing with. "Teacher 55" gave you some very wise advice. You really need to follow it. You need to seek ass... Read More »