How to Camouflage when Hunting?

Answer Different types of caouflageChoosing the right camouflage is a must. Winter camouflage in the summer, fall or spring won't do you any good. And to much camouflage can be bad. Here's an article on h... Read More »

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Types of Camouflage Hunting Clothes in the Midwest?

While the American Midwest is very popular for hunting, there is no camouflage clothing that is particular to it. Rather, hunters choose their camo clothes based on the animal they're hunting, the ... Read More »

How to Make Winter Camouflage for Your Hunting Rifle?

Hunting is a thrilling sport for many but as long as your targets don't see you. What if you go hunting in the winter? I don't think that your summer camo will be to helpful here's how to make some... Read More »

How to Camouflage Your Gun?

You could be dressed up in a ghillie suit, be covered in branches and leaves, have your face painted, and you would still get spotted; the telltale sign of the gun barrel or the reflection of the l... Read More »

How to Camouflage a Pimple?

Whether you’re stressed, experiencing extra sebum or going through monthly hormonal changes, it’s likely that you may get a pimple at one point or another in your life. Acne affects men and wom... Read More »