How to Camouflage a Paintball Gun?

Answer If you like to play paintball, but are tired of being seen, camouflage your gun. If you don't want to buy expensive kits from a store, read on to learn how to make simple, cheap, and effective camo... Read More »

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How to Camouflage Your Paintball Gear?

If you are like me and like to play woodsball, these are some good tips to follow to make sure nobody can see you. Even something thats just a dark green can make a world of difference in paintball.

How to Camouflage Your Gun?

You could be dressed up in a ghillie suit, be covered in branches and leaves, have your face painted, and you would still get spotted; the telltale sign of the gun barrel or the reflection of the l... Read More »

How to Do Camouflage Nails?

Camouflage describes those designs which are made to disguise one thing amidst another. Most commonly, these designs are used in the military to disguise soldiers within nature itself. Colors like ... Read More »

How do raccoons camouflage?

Raccoons are very common throughout the United States, southern Canada and even into South America. They have adapted to living closely with humans, partially because of the constant food supply hu... Read More »