How to Camouflage a Crooked Wall?

Answer Some customers whine about crooked pony walls - we say just deal with it, and you'll forget about it.(besides your kinda cheap and didn't pay enough for a straight wall)A crooked wall can appear vi... Read More »

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How do I Frame a Door in a Crooked Wall?

In older homes, walls tend to sag or slant over the years. This aging of the home may become quite the burden when you are considering adding a new door between two rooms. A standard door is typica... Read More »

How do you keep pictures on a wall level They always seem to get crooked after a day or two.?

You can try hanging them with two hooks instead of just one. With one hook in the center of the picture, of course it can be tilted easily. If you use two hooks (each one more towards a corner than... Read More »

Are my teeth too crooked?

yes you do need them )) i had braces when i was 17 ))

I have bad & crooked teeth, who do I see first?

Dentist because they can tell if you if you need to go to the orthodonist.