How to Camera Snipe?

Answer Always wanted to be a sniper, but don't want to hurt anyone? Try camera sniping!

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How to Snipe Using a Pistol in FPS?

Do you want to be amazing with a pistol? Here's a guide to help you.

What is a US Navy Snipe?

"Snipe" is a nickname for someone who works in the Engineering department on a ship. Additionally, those who work in technical rates, or jobs, are usually referred to as "twidgets."

How to Snipe in Halo 3?

SnipingThe ability to snipe is one of the most useful abilities in Halo 3. This is because the deadly power of a sniper rifle requires 1-2 shots to kill an opponent depending on where the shots are... Read More »

How to Snipe in Airsoft?

Have you ever been sniping in an Airsoft war and been hit buy some guys with AEGs that you never saw coming? If so, this article can help you!