How to Camera Snipe?

Answer Always wanted to be a sniper, but don't want to hurt anyone? Try camera sniping!

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How to Snipe Hunt?

Snipe are a small upland gamebird similar to a woodcock or quail, but this article is a joke that you have to prank new boyscouts members with. The object of the prank is to leave the unwitting vic... Read More »

How to Snipe on eBay?

This how to guide will show you the best methods of sniping an eBay auction, increasing your chances of winning an auction for the least money possible.

How to Snipe in Halo 3?

SnipingThe ability to snipe is one of the most useful abilities in Halo 3. This is because the deadly power of a sniper rifle requires 1-2 shots to kill an opponent depending on where the shots are... Read More »

How to Snipe in Halo 2?

sniperSniping is one of the most difficult things to do in Halo 2. It takes lots and lots of practice, but is one of the most important skills on live or multiplayer.