How to Calm Yourself Down After an Argument?

Answer When you have an argument, there are so many ways to stop yourself losing it.

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How to Calm Down and Be Yourself?

Are you all ways scared of people thinking/saying bad things about you. Can you not be yourself? If so that's really sad but read this and the sadness will be gone. :D

How to Calm Yourself Down when You're Nervous?

I am so nervous!Say, you broke your moms favorite china bowl? Or you don't want to go to school because there is a big test, or maybe you're going to a dentist for endodontic therapy? Nervousness i... Read More »

How to Cool Down After an Argument?

After reading about how to defuse an argument, you may still be mad or have other negative feelings towards the person you were arguing with. It is important that you cool down so you can return to... Read More »

How to Calm Yourself After Getting Angry?

Oft suggested remedies for runaway anger do not work for each person or situation. In this article, a process is outlined that might help you relieve your anger in a smart and safe manner.