How to Calm Your Angry Cat?

Answer Just as humans can be bad tempered, so can cats. And unsurprisingly, much anger in cats derives from fear, so placing a cat in any situation where his fear emotions arise will often result in an an... Read More »

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How to Calm Down when Angry?

Often times, we will do things when we are angry that we regret later. Easy prevention involves chilling out and calming down. Often times, after we are calm, any issue seems much more trivial and ... Read More »

How to Calm Yourself After Getting Angry?

Oft suggested remedies for runaway anger do not work for each person or situation. In this article, a process is outlined that might help you relieve your anger in a smart and safe manner.

How to Calm an Angry Person?

Angry personIt hard to communicate with an angry person, so we have to calm them down. This article will show you how.

How to Calm an Upset or Angry Child?

When small children (about 2-6) get angry or upset, it's hard to calm them down, especially if you're a babysitter and don't know the child very well. This article helps babysitters, parents, and a... Read More »