How to Calm My Cat's Stomach?

Answer Every cat owner is familiar with the occasion hairball, but sometimes, an upset stomach is much more than a collection of fur in the cat's stomach. Symptoms can range from lethargy and a lack of in... Read More »

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How to Calm a Nervous Stomach?

Do you get nervous easily and when you do it can distract you from your goals and stop you from achieving them? Well read on!

What do you take, to make an upset stomach calm and happy again :) ?

A bowl of plain white rice or some soda crackers. (ginger is generally good for fighting infections and more and while I use a lot of it, in high doses it can actually irritate the stomach - simila... Read More »

Cats & Stomach Tumors?

The stomach is a muscular organ that secretes acids and enzymes as part of the process of digestion. There are several types of tumors that can affect a cat's stomach lining. Some of these tumors ... Read More »

Cats' Weight Loss, Distended Stomach & Increased Appetite?

Cats with distended abdomens that are losing weight despite an increased appetite are definitely sick. The question is how sick, and what can be done? The answer depends upon accompanying symptoms.... Read More »