How to Calm Down a Spooked Horse?

Answer Horses are prey animals, therefore, when they see or hear something, it is their instinct to react. The horse may think that they are going to be harmed. To learn how to calm a horse after it has s... Read More »

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How to Get a Spooked Horse in a Trailer?

Does your horse spook when going into a trailer? Have you had a perfectly trained horse spook at a rabbit when going into a trailer, and now doesn't want to go inside? Learn how to show your horse ... Read More »

How to Prevent and Recover Your Horse After It Spooked?

A spooked horse is no fun at all to ride, and can even prove dangerous. Follow these steps to handle and recover a horse that spooks.

How to Calm Your Hot Horse?

After a long ride, this horse has been calmed and relaxed.Hot-blooded horses like Thoroughbreds and Arabs are valued for their sensitivity and quick reactions, unfortunately this can also make them... Read More »

How Do I Calm a Crazy Horse?

Working with a horse that is out of control is dangerous, and it should not be attempted by anyone other than an expert. Even for the expert, getting control of the situation before attempting trai... Read More »