How to Calm Down a Bird With a Broken Wing?

Answer Birds may break their wings by flying into objects or by a close encounter with a cat or other predator. A bird with a broken wing in the wild will die, but it is possible to catch it and to take i... Read More »

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How to Calm Down a Bird?

Animals respond to danger by either using the fight or flight reactions. Birds are no different, and more often than not will choose flight. When a bird is hurt or must be caught, they will try to ... Read More »

Is it illegal to drive with a broken wing mirror?

Yes, for the driver's side. But for the passenger's side, as long as it is not hanging and could cause damage to another driver or pedestrian on the road if it should fall off or if it sticks out ... Read More »

Ways to help calm down with anxiety ?

I used to get really bad anxiety when I was younger, for me I just used to like pinch myself really hard or like scratch my thighs haha I know it sounds kinda weird but it helped me not feel so str... Read More »

How to Apply a Bird Wing Badge?

A badge is usually used to represent a feat or challenge that has been achieved, but badges can also be solely for decoration. Often, they are used for both. Bird wing badges, also known as aviatio... Read More »