How to Calm Down After Messing up Something Important?

Answer You blew it. This was the one big thing that you were supposed to tackle, and you blew it. Now it seems like everything is messed up beyond hope, and you have to deal with it. Here are some tips to... Read More »

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How can i calm down my daughter who is waiting on a very important call that could happen at anytime during any day?

Access has been Denied!- YOUR ORG NAMEAccess to the page: has been denied for the following reason:Weighted phrase limit exceeded. Categories:Pornogra... Read More »

Ive had enough of this pc messing me around i need help!!!!!?

You hve malware on your computer blocling your access, follow the instructions below to remove the malware.First you need to know that starting a computer in SAFE mode doesn't insure that your goin... Read More »

My mom is messing up my diet!!?

Have you told her that you are serious about trying to eat healthier, and you'd appreciate it if she could cooperate with you?Maybe try that, before you completely flip out on her. She might have n... Read More »

How to Deal With Someone Who Is Messing You Around?

Is someone messing you around about being in a relationship? Are they saying one thing but doing the other? They've told you they like you but you two aren't going out and you want to know what's h... Read More »