How to Call the United States From Portugal?

Answer Portugal is a country on the Iberian Peninsula in southwestern Europe. The United States of America is a federal republic of 50 states in North America. Residents of Portugal can reach a friend or ... Read More »

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How to Call the United States From the United Kingdom?

Whether you're an American traveling abroad or a United Kingdom resident trying to contact friends in the U.S., the procedure used to call the United States from the United Kingdom is as simple as ... Read More »

How to Call the UK from the United States?

Whether you need to talk to a relative, a business partner, or a friend, follow these steps to make a call from the United States to the United Kingdom.

How to Call India from the United States?

Calling family or friends in India is now easier than ever, especially with the wide range of calling options and phone cards available. Just follow the simple calling instructions given below.

How to Call the United States From Denmark?

Direct-dialing from Denmark to the United States will hurt your pocketbook. Take steps to cut your costs by using calling cards or VoIP protocol programs to place the call. If you must dial direct,... Read More »