How to Call a Meeting to Order?

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How many days are needed to call a special board meeting before an annual meeting for a Home owners association?

Robert's Rules of Order, is the generally accepted procedure for businesses matters such as these. There is an online version - see the link below:

Board of Directors Meeting Vs. Shareholder Meeting?

The Board of Directors of a corporation manages the corporation on behalf of that corporation's shareholders. As a result, shareholder meetings differ in a number of ways from Board of Directors me... Read More »

What is the toll free telephone number to call to order new Dish Network services?

A toll free telephone number you can call to order new service for Dish Network is 1-888-739-4804. You can call this toll free telephone number for Dish Network from anywhere in the USA.

Is it rude to call a restaurant to order food only a few minutes afte they open I'm mad hungry?

No. If they aare open then they should be ready for customers. They start work much earlier than the opening times for food prep.