How to Call a Function in AS3?

Answer Functions are used almost for every AS3 (ActionScript 3.0) Flash project. They are used to draw graphics, play sounds, and send text messages. Most importantly though, they are used to reduce the a... Read More »

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How to Call a Function in VB?

Stuck with concepts of "Function" in VB ? If Yes, read this guide to learn the so called constructs of "Function" in the paradigm of VB.

How to Call a Class Function in PHP?

A PHP class is used to create an abstract object with its own variables and functions. A class variable is called a property, and a class function is called a method. Methods can be public, protect... Read More »

How to Call a Function in an Iframe in JavaScript?

Iframes, like pop-ups, are child windows of a Web page's main window. They allow you to display content from another Web page inside your main page. Iframes only require a few lines of code to crea... Read More »

On RAD 8, how can I change settings of "call hierarchy" function to increment deepness of the resulting tree ?

Le seul rad que je connaisse, c'est celui en bas de chez moi.On y fait parfois la JAVA pendant les ECLIPSE...;o)