How to Call Your Crush's House Phone (for Boys)?

Answer If you are a guy and want to call your crush's house phone this might help.

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What do phone companies mean by unlimited nights and weekends and do you get charge for making call to house phone?

Unlimited nights and weekends simply means you have "unlimited" minutes on nights and weekends. The minutes you use during this period will not be deducted from your "monthly" minutes. The time whi... Read More »

Why does my house phone have static when u call someone or someone calls u?

You need to rule out that it's not your actual phone unit. Try unplugging in another phone and if you still have static then it's in your lines and can easily be fixed by calling the phone company... Read More »

If someone were to call you on your house phone, does it cost money for you or them?

How to Place a Three-Way Call on a Vtech Portable House Phone?

During a call, you can add a third person to your conversation. Three-way calling, or conference calling, makes it easier for you to connect with two friends at the same time. If you subscribe to t... Read More »