How to Call Songbirds?

Answer Calling Songbirds can be a great way to get more birds in your backyard. By following some easy steps, your backyard can be a bird paradise.

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How to Help Songbirds in Winter?

Winter is the toughest season, for all creatures. There's little food, water, and warmth and prolonged deeply cold spells can be deadly for birds unable to replenish lost energy. Indeed, small bird... Read More »

What do baby songbirds eat?

According to Cornell University, a baby songbird's diet consists mainly of insects and some plant food. The Pomona Valley Audubon Society says that in emergency situations, baby songbirds can also ... Read More »

How 2 block a private call/unknown call from my T-mobile cell phone?

1) confront the person.2) ignore the calls and they'll eventually get bored and stop.3) call your phone company and find out if they can reject unknown callers.

What is the difference betweeen a local toll call and a long distance call?

I'm not sure what you mean by "a local toll call", but I will assume you may not have extended area calling. If you make a lot of that type of call, check with your provider to see if they have an... Read More »