How to Call Someone to Ask for Someone Else's Phone Number?

Answer Andreas picks up the phone the discover that Billy wants to know Cosmo's number. Billy asks for Cosmo's number and Andreas gives it to him. Billy hangs up immediately. This is not only irritating b... Read More »

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How can you call using someone elses phone number?

I dont think that you can, using a regular phone, However, if you havee ana iphone there is an application called the Spoof Id Caller.

How t o hide my phone number or cell number if i call anybody,my number should not be displayed?

How do u block your phone number so you can call somebody without them knowing your phone number?

Just be aware that if you intend to harass someone, the phone company can keep track of the dialing number. If the recipient feels harassed they can dial a code that puts an immediate trace on the ... Read More »

Is it possible for someone to show on their phone logs a phone number that didn't call or text them?

I think it's possible to fake this stuff ... anyway if he is really cheating on you with her, she would have other/better proof, so ask her for that. Another idea - if he's been calling her/texting... Read More »