How to Call Someone You Don't Know Very Well or at All?

Answer In one's life, they eventually will be in the situation where they may need to call someone they don't know that well, or maybe even at all! You may have to call an unknown number back that called ... Read More »

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What do i dial so when i call someone they dont know its me?

When someone calls you and you dont know who it is so you call the phone number right back how can it be?

Now days caller-id really can't be trusted to show a valid number from which the call originated from. If you recognize a number and know the preson it belongs to, it is probably for real. But, f... Read More »

Someone keeps banging on my bedroom window should i call 911 but i dont kno the # and i dont kno wat 2 say!!!?

cherry...cherry, are you there still?Dang! Guess I'm too late. And I had the number too. :(

If you're a 15-year-old girl how do you call your 22-year-old male cousin who lives far away who you don't know very well and develop a close relationship with him and his brothers without awkwardness?

AnswerMake a brief call to tell him you wish you knew him and his brothers better. Ask if you can email once in a while, exchange email addresses and hope for the best. Guys don't often like talkin... Read More »