How to Call Quail?

Answer Quail are large, round birds commonly found throughout the western United States. The most familiar breed, the California quail, exists throughout the Pacific coast, southeast Idaho and northeast U... Read More »

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What Are Quail Facts?

Quails are small birds that can be found around the world in forests and in woodlands. They are considered part of the pheasant family and can range in size from as small as 4 inches to as large as... Read More »

How many eggs does a quail lay?

A quail will lay anywhere between six to 28 eggs, with the average being between 13 and 17. The quail breeding season is from May to July. Quails make their nests by scratching out dips in the grou... Read More »

Where do quail lay their eggs?

Quail tend to live among protective shrubs that allow them room to hide and their young to run about. When not in captivity hatching in cages, the adult female lays her eggs mainly in heavy scrub c... Read More »

How to Tell a Hen or Quail From a Rooster?

If you are raising animals or hunting it is important that you know how to distinguish between different kinds of poultry. Chicken and quail are two birds that you may hunt or raise for eggs, so yo... Read More »