How to Call Mexico from the United States?

Answer Making international calls requires special codes. To call Mexico from the United States, follow these steps.

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Can I fly from the United States to Mexico without a passport?

As of June 1, 2009, international air travel to and from Mexico requires a U.S. passport. You can travel to Mexico, Canada and the Caribbean only via other forms of transportation with a U.S. passp... Read More »

Do you need a passport to get into Mexico from the United States?

When traveling by land, air or sea, you need a valid photo I.D., a tourist card and proof of citizenship to enter Mexico. You need a passport, however, to re-enter the United States.Source:U.S. Dep... Read More »

Do you need a United States passport for Juarez, Mexico?

As of March 2010, all visitors to Mexico must present either a valid passport or passport card regardless of the destination. As Juarez falls within the designated "border zone," visitors here do n... Read More »

How to Apply for a Visa to the United States if You're from Mexico?

So you want to know the steps to filing a petition for a relative immigrant in or outside the United States.